My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular Dragon Bullion Bars

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The 2018 Australia 1 Oz Silver Dragon Coin Bar recently debuted. It is a special release from the one-and-only Perth Mint is glorious in all regards. This silver rectangular coin bullion bar is quite a unique collector's item. Some will pick up the Silver Dragon Bullion Bar as an addition to their collection. Others will consider the new Silver Dragon Bullion Bar an investment and watch it appreciate as the years go by.

Attributes of the 2018 Australia 1 Oz Silver Dragon Coin Bar

Each Dragon Coin Bar has a single troy ounce of pure silver. This silver is .9999 fine so it is shipped with a protective plastic flip. It has a thickness of 5.6 mm. The face value of the Dragon Coin Bar is one Australian dollar. However, most buyers do not pick up this piece for the value assigned by the government. This is an investment and/or a collector's piece. The Dragon Coin Bar's mintage has been limited to 500,000 in order to preserve its value and rarity. The Dragon Coin Bar is quite special as it is the first-ever rectangular bullion coin created at the famous Perth Mint.

The Dragon Coin Bar's Lovely Imagery

This beautiful coin bar features her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II along with the face value, fineness, weight, and date. Flip the Dragon Coin Bar around and you will find the Chinese lunar dragon pursuing a flaming pearl. This dragon is featured amidst clouds, wind, and water. This reverse side of the coin also features the Perth Mint's signature “P” marking. Give this stunning coin one look and you will agree it is one of the finest pieces ever produced at the Perth Mint. There is no concern about the legitimacy or value of this coin as it is fully backed by the government of Australia.


The Significance of the Dragon in Chinese Culture

The Dragon Coin Bar features the dragon for good reason. The Chinese hold the dragon in high regard. Chinese culture depicts dragons as a holy mythical animal that symbolizes good fortune, wealth, strength and power. Chinese myths state dragons rule the water as well as the weather. It is quite common for depictions of Chinese dragons to portray the animal near the flaming pearl described above. Indeed, this is the perfect image for the new Silver Dragon Coin Bar. Pick up this rectangular coin and you will find you stop to appreciate its beauty more often than you initially anticipated.

MyGold has the 2018 Australia 1 Oz Silver Dragon Coin Bar

MyGold is proud to carry the Dragon Coin Bar as well as other bars, coins, bullion, and beyond. We offer several coins created at the Perth Mint. Contact MyGold today by dialing 0800 465 369 to learn more about the 2018 Australia 1 Oz Silver Dragon Coin Bar as well as our other offerings. You can also reach us by email. Send us a message at [email protected] to learn more about the Dragon Coin Bar and we will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also contact us through our website's convenient Live Chat option.