My Gold News | 21 February 2023

How and Where to Buy Platinum in New Zealand?

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Do not be fooled by the name. MyGold sells much more than gold. We are proud to provide Kiwis with the highest quality platinum in all of New Zealand. Platinum is quickly gaining favor amongst precious metals collectors and investors. Though gold and silver have been and likely always will be desired by the masses, platinum is becoming more coveted with each passing day.

A Platinum Merchant Worthy of Your Trust

If you are hesitant to invest your hard-earned money in precious metals like platinum, do not assume the purchasing process is overly complicated or laden with traps. MyGold goes to great lengths to ensure the exact opposite occurs. We make the platinum purchasing process simple, quick, and easy. Our business is conveniently located in gorgeous Auckland, New Zealand. If you cannot make it to our brick-and-mortar headquarters, you can still purchase platinum and other precious metals through our website. Do business with MyGold and you will support a family-owned company that reinvests every dollar you spend right back into the local community. This is your chance to invest in a precious metal that appreciates in value as time progresses. The best part is you can trust our team to keep your best interest in mind every step of the way. Our aim is to secure your business across posterity rather than a one-time purchase. Buy platinum and other precious metals from MyGold and you will almost certainly be pleased to the point that you recommend our group to friends, family, colleagues and others in your social circle. 


MyGold Makes It Possible to Hedge Traditional Investments

If you are like most investors and collectors, your money is tied up in an array of investments from stocks to mutual funds and so on. Diversify your portfolio with the addition of platinum and other precious metals and a market downturn will prove that much less risky. In fact, precious metals such as platinum tend to increase in value amidst economic and/or political turmoil. Park your hard-earned money in platinum and you will sleep well at night knowing you are not overexposed to economic fluctuations. Do not worry about the nuances of the purchase process. Our precious metals team is here to guide you every step of the way.

The Platinum Buying Process is Easier Than Most Assume

Some of those interested in precious metals are intimidated by the purchase process. You have little to lose and plenty to gain. We have simplified the purchase process to make everything as easy as possible for everyday people as well as institutional investors. All you have to do is let us know what you are interested in making a purchase. We will tell you all about our offerings and email you a purchase order. Provide payment and you can collect your platinum, silver, or gold from us at our Auckland headquarters. We can even ship your precious metals directly to you. Your shipment will be fully insured regardless of where you are located in New Zealand. The only caveat to consider is the price of platinum and other precious metals fluctuate on a daily basis. If you want to lock in today's price, you must provide payment today.

Contact MyGold for Platinum in New Zealand

Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to purchase your platinum, silver, and/or gold. Our precious metals team is here to address your questions and concerns. If you prefer to contact us online, send a message to [email protected]. You can even interact with us in real-time through our website's Live Chat feature.