My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Perth Mint Silver Bars and Coins: A Sound Investment with a Silver Lining

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Wondering if you should invest in silver? The reasons are abundant to do so. Silver is a precious metal, which has intrinsic value, and silver is used widely as both a form of money and as a commodity. The precious metal has been used as a medium of exchange for millennia of fundamental value. Silver also contains numerous unique characteristics, such as electric and thermal conductivity, malleability, and resistance to corrosion, which makes it an ideal material for many key industrial, energy, telecommunications, and medical technologies. The industrial demand for silver supports a stable worldwide silver demand. Investing in silver coins and silver bullion represents a tradition that is both intelligent and expedient. Australian silver coins and bullion from Perth Mint are a straightforward choice for new or experienced investors because they are reasonably priced, can be exchanged for cash easily, and are negotiable internationally. In addition, the Perth Mint produces a wide array of coins and bullion from which to choose, including whimsical designs featuring kangaroos, kookaburras, and koalas. Operated as part of Gold Corporation, Perth Mint uses advanced manufacturing technology, and its original and artistic designs are considered to be the highest quality Australian precious metal coins around the globe. Each Australian silver coin acts as legal tender, because of its 99.99 percent purity and guarantee of weight. Because of their availability in different weights, sizes, and finishes, Perth Mint coins make an attractive investment for any level of collector. Their portfolio includes globally recognized silver Lunar, Kookaburra, and Koala series of coins. Australian silver coins are unlike minted coins from any other nation in that Perth Mint changes the designs from year to year thereby giving collectors new, exciting coins to collect and trade. Each coin comes individually wrapped in plastic coin covers to protect them from damage. 


The Right Investment for Your Portfolio

Exploring the product portfolio pages on their website is easy with navigation very straightforward. Whether you are considering buying silver coins or bullion bars, the beautiful metal makes a sound investment guaranteed by the Australian Government. Whether you wish to make a modest or substantial investment, Perth Mint can meet your needs for investment in silver. Operated by Gold Corporation, the Perth Mint is a statutory authority of the Western Australia Government, also the mint’s owner. It has specialized in minting precious metal coins since that time when they were responsible for minting millions of British gold sovereigns. In 1986, Perth Mint became the source of the Australian Precious Metals Coin Program. Since then, the mint has produced Australia’s official silver bullion coins as well as gold bullion coins for the Australian Commonwealth Government. In addition, if you are in the market for gold coins and bullion, Perth Mint is the only gold refinery in Australia, and it refines nearly all gold mined in the country, thus making it one of the largest gold producers around the world. For investors seeking safety, the Perth Mint holds accreditations as a refiner, assayer, and weigh master with the London Bullion Market Association, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre, and the New York Commodity Exchange. All of its gold bullion bars and coins come with a fineness of 99.99 percent pure gold, and their silver bullion bars and coins come with a fineness of 99.9 percent purity. The coins are legal tender of Australia and receive total assurance of purity and weight. Plus, the tradability of the silver and gold bullion coins means higher liquidity than many other investment metals. The Perth Mint silver bars make a sound investment choice because of the guarantee offered by the Australian Government on weight and purity. Whether you expect to make a modest or substantial investment, Perth Mint silver will meet your requirements for investment silver.