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2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin

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The 2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin was released on February 1, 2017. Coin industry experts have lauded the coin for its beauty and lustre. Platinum is just as visually striking as gold and silver, especially because it is an underutilized alternative precious metal. Platinum bullion investments are rapidly growing as there is no Central Bank Reserves for this precious metal. Furthermore, platinum has an array of industrial uses and production is in a deficit. If you don't have much platinum in your coin collection or bullion holdings, the 2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin is a must-add. Even if you have plenty of bullion pieces in your collection, it certainly won't hurt to add this glorious coin.

2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin Details

The Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin was first released in 2011. It has been struck on an annual basis over the past half-decade. The most recent edition of the coin was crafted by the one and only Perth Mint. It weighs slightly more than 31 grams, has a diameter of 32.60 millimeters, and a girth of 2.70 millimeters. Made with one ounce of 99.95 percent pure platinum, the 2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin is quite the crowd-pleaser. The coin has a reverse-proof finish of the highest quality. Made with pure platinum, the Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin contains no alloy, allowing buyers to diversify their precious metals collections and tabulate value with ease. Each of these coins is sold in a rugged plastic snap holder that safeguards the coin's surface against scratches and smudges. This case also serves to ameliorate storage concerns. As far as a currency value, this legal tender coin is worth $100. However, this gorgeous coin is typically purchased by coin collectors with an eye on long-term value progression, those looking for a solid investment, and those who desire some “eye candy”.

The Coin's Aesthetics

The coin features a rendition of the platypus, an uber-rare carnivorous aquatic mammal. It is only one of two mammals to lay eggs. The platypus is found in streams and freshwater lakes in eastern Australia. This animal does not reside in any other portion of the world. The platypus is also unique in appearance. It has a tail reminiscent of the backside of a beaver, a bill similar to a duck's and webbed feet. Some compare the platypus to the otter because of similarities in fur and general shape. Though the platypus has features similar to a bird, it is still considered a mammal as it nurses its young and is covered in fur. The 2017 Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin portrays the platypus diving into the water in a highly stylized manner. This image was created by artist Natasha Muhl. Aside from the platypus, this side of the coin also displays underwater vegetation from Australia's lakes and rivers. Above this image is an inscription that reads: Australian Platypus. Below the aquatic scene are inscriptions reading “2017” and “1 oz 9999 Platinum”. Look to the left of the platypus and you will spot the Perth Mint's signature “P” mintmark. The opposite side features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II created by Ian Rank-Broadley. Inscriptions of “100 Dollars” and “Elizabeth II, Australia” surround this image.

Limited Mintage

The Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin series has been released in a limited mintage since debuting back in 2011. The first year yielded 30,000 of the coins which promptly sold out. The coin is guaranteed by the Australian Mint so buyers are not hesitating to scoop up one or several Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullions. This year brings a historically low issue number, making the piece perfect for investment portfolios and coin collections. It is a fantastic example of platinum's blast-white properties that provide a frosted, shiny finish. Add the Platypus 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin to your collection and you will be the envy of your friends, fellow collectors, and everyone who sees this beauty in your portfolio. This pure platinum bullion coin serves to diversify one's portfolio while simultaneously functioning as a means of hedging against inflation.

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