My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Silver Stocks Vs Silver Bullion: What Should You Invest In?

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As 2021 kicks off it’s clear that this is one of the most and crucial and volatile financial years. One of the most significant events to take place that has had quite an effect on the stock market was Wallstreet bets vs Wallstreet. As the value of Gamestop started to plunge, a group on Reddit decided to take a stand to save their beloved franchise. How they decided to go about this rescue has ripped off the veil from the financial market as we know it. The Reddit group Wallstreet bets, started buying GME (Gamestop stocks) by the dozens allowing the value of Gamestop stocks to increase. Secondly, they targeted another plummeting company, AMC, and did the same. This event was cut short by Robinhood the trading app on which many Redditors were purchasing these valuable stocks. This triggered the rise of more investors to set their sights on other stocks. One such investor has aimed for a slightly different direction from the rest, silver. While Silver is not the first stock one would imagine when investing, it has become quite popular among many Reddit investors. According to users speculating on Twitter and Reddit, silver is now starting to make a comeback as a result of the short squeeze on GME, one user on Twitter named Peter Schiff theorized that gold and silver could be heavily impacted by the short squeeze, considering that Gamestop can issue new shares to cover their loss, but that new supplies of physical gold and silver would be hard to find. Silver is also a key element to the future since green future tech is expected to run and conduct on metals. The only metal that seems to fit the description in terms of impact, performance, and effect is silver. So with that being said, silver is an investment worth the money and the time. While this is probably the first time many people are hearing about investments and silver investment, they might not even know how to invest in silver.

Investing in Physical Silver

When it comes to investing in silver, physical silver has been known for many things, from jewellery to ammo, and all kinds of trinkets. Physical silver in this case is divided into two known categories: bullions and coins. These are incredibly valuable, and as a physical stock, their weight is one of their defining factors to determine value. When purchasing this type of investment it would primarily be done at a company that deals directly with precious metals, and of the many, MyGold is one company that stands out. MyGold is an independent family-owned company in New Zealand that specializes in gold and silver. We have coins and bullions and can meet any client’s budget, care about providing our customers with quality products, therefore each of these comes with a purity certificate and a guarantee. You can visit our user-friendly site and order silver or gold and collect in person.


Investing in Silver Stocks

Now that you know how to buy physical silver, it’s time to look at, how to buy silver stock. Silver stock has always been around, in fact, it had quite a high value 10 years ago, it has however declined since then, but thanks to GME, this ETF has made a comeback. So other than, Robinhood, which has sparked controversy, there are quite a bunch of other tools that users can utilize to buy this stock. Some of these tools include: Acorns is an app that allows its users to connect easily with their card of choice, be it credit or debit, once the card is connected, Acorns gather the total on purchases to the next dollar and proceed to invest the difference into one or more EFT portfolios. Another app to keep an eye on is Stockpile, this app is unique because it allows its users to buy fractional shares of companies. When a company is too expensive to invest in, the users are allowed to buy halves and thirds of its shares. This app also allows you to pass down gift cards to your children, these gift cards can be used to buy stocks for themselves. We also have Investr, this app is perfect for beginners as it combines community and learning with real-life investing. It combines gameplay with the ideas and thoughts of investors on stocks and investments. Wealthbase is a much newer app and is said to be the most user-friendly of the lot. This is another app that uses the opportunity to gamify the art of buying stocks and investing. Users can set up investing games to take part in, these games can last any duration. One of the apps that are not on the above-mentioned list is called Revolut, and it’s currently one of the apps talked about. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at this app and how to use it.


Revolut is an app that mainly manages finances, from personal to business. Launched in the UK, this app used to offer money transfers and exchanges. Now there are dozens of Revolut products and even more users. According to Revolut’s website. All of its user’s money is kept safe in ring-fenced accounts with a large global bank. They never invest or lend out their user’s money. They offer plans like standard, Plus, Premium and Metal. Anyone can get started regardless of their starting budget, even using it for free. One thing they currently offer that ties things together, is that users can now buy silver on Revolut.

How Do You Invest on Revolut?

Go to commodities. The prices are based on real-time market performance data, they get this data from trusted precious metals service providers. It’s also entirely possible to set up an auto exchange, they’ll buy silver on behalf of their users once said silver reaches its desired price. This also starts at the low cost of $1. Although you aren’t buying physical silver, your investment is still backed by the physical metal. Users can also trade and exchange silver on this app. Users are also able to exchange their silver for cryptocurrency, e-money, or gold. According to Revolut’s site, for users of the standard plan, there will be a 1,5 mark-up, whereas, for users with the premium/metal plan there’s only a 0.25% mark-up. One thing to understand, with any app but specifically this one, investing as much as it looks easy and rewarding, there are some factors to take into account. Investing in stocks is always a risk, these apps do not control the value of stocks, they simply enable you to buy and sell them. You as a user are always taking a big financial risk when investing in any type of stock, option, cryptocurrency, e-money, etc. There is never a guarantee that you are making the right decision, therefore Revolut makes it clear that your money is at risk when investing. 


Physical Silver vs Silver Stocks

It’s challenging to fully compare physical silver with silver stocks because both are unique and have very significant pros and cons. The pros of investing in or buying physical silver are that there are plenty of companies that specialize in this type of investment. Once you have bought your silver, you have it forever, provided that you keep it safe. Physical silver can’t be lost if the stocks should crash. The cons of buying or investing in physical silver are that of the location, if it is far from you, you’ll have to travel there regardless of the distance. There are also fewer opportunities for your silver to grow on the stock market, and you’ll constantly have to buy more physical silver if you want to increase your stocks. The pros of buying or investing in silver stocks are that you can trade off your investments, so you can constantly buy and sell silver. There are numerous amounts of apps that can house your stocks, and you can easily invest with the click of a button. It’s easy to buy online, you don’t have to go to any location to buy your silver or sell it. The cons of buying or investing in silver stocks are that your stocks can lose value if the market is not on your side. Apps can block you from purchasing silver. Your silver isn’t always safe, you’ll have to trust the people that manage it and the apps that house your stock.

In Conclusion

What happened with GME is a series of unfolding events that are making stocks worth a lot more, making the “gold rush” a pivotal reveal of stock and investments. When investing in silver, there are many factors to take into account and one cannot with certainty ever be sure as to what the right investment is. The question is how willing you are to invest and put at stake to buy silver. No investment is completely secure, everything lies in the balance when it comes to the physical market or the stock market it’s fragile and complicated. Time and time again, it’s been proven that stocks can rise and fall by the drop of a hat. The above considered, it’s not at all impossible to make solid and lasting investments, the tools are there, you just need to decide what's at stake and use them wisely.