My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins

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Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins have returned for a 26th year. Coin industry experts point to the Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin as the catalyst for many of the Perth Mint's coin programs' stratospheric rise in popularity. The brand new edition of the Australian Silver Kookaburra bears a lovely new design on the coin's reverse side that features the unique kookaburra design.

Coin Details

The Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins are available in three different weights: 1 ounce, 10 ounces, and 1 kilo. The Perth Mint has released a limited mintage to ensure the coins maintain their scarcity, value, and collectability. Only 500,000 of the 1-ounce coins will be sold throughout the world. Each Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin contains one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. The popular 1-ounce variety has a diameter of 40.6 mm and a thickness of 2.98 mm. Though the Australian federal government is backing each coin at a $1 face value, they will like a rise in popularity and value as time progresses. In coin collecting circles, the Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins are not bought and sold at their official currency value. These coins are highly coveted for their limited mintage, beauty, and Perth Mint background. Each Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin available at MyGold is in perfect, uncirculated condition. Take a look at these coins and you will see absolutely no signs of wear and tear as they have not been handled beyond shipment from the Perth Mint. However, as all veteran coin buyers know, brand new coins sometimes display contact marks as a result of the striking process, spotted surfaces, or breaks in the lustre.

A Brief Look at the History of the Perth Mint's Silver Kookaburra Coins

The Perth Mint launched the Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin series back in 1990. Today, this coin series is the Perth Mint's longest-running bullion program. Each year the coin is designed with a new illustration on its reverse face. The coin's incredible popularity has spiked demand for ensuing Perth Mint programs like the Australian Silver Koala, the Lunar Series I, and Lunar Series II. Do not hesitate to put your faith in the legitimacy, durability, and value of the Silver Kookaburra Coins. Each was struck at Australia's Perth Mint, the oldest mint in all of Australia. Each Perth Mint coin is an official legal tender under the nations' Currency Act of 1965.

Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin Design

The reverse side of each Silver Kookaburra Coin displays a newly designed kookaburra in which a bird sits on a fence post that is wrapped with barbed wire. Engravings include the coin's metal content, purity, weight, and year of issue. The words, “Australian Kookaburra”, are also engraved on the reverse side. The coins' obverse side features a portrait of England's Queen Elizabeth II. It is a right-profile look at the country's longest-serving monarch. The image was captured by Ian Rank-Broadley nearly 20 years ago. This image is Her Majesty's fourth-generation vision.

Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins Are Available at MyGold

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